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Our Journey

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The Start (Nov 2021 )

Developing from Chulalongkorn University student project to a solution that could uplift Thai fishermen. Fishyu is formed by a member with diverse background, one of which has been in Seafood industry for more than 30 years. We brainstorm together on how might we mitigate the problems and landed on direct selling platform between fishermen and processed factories

HackaThailand 2022
(April 2022)

We took this idea to compete in the HackaThailand start-up competition which was one of the biggest startup competition of the year. Within this 7 day long competition, we had a chance to really modify the idea on business model and operational model. We also had a chance to be mentored by CEO from companies like Ricult, Siamkubota, Daywork, etc. At the end, we got the first runner up prize and we are grateful for the experience.

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fishyu journey.jpg

(May 2022)

Follow-up from HackaThailand competition, we wanted to make the first traction happened. We then validate the problems with fishermen about our ideas, as well as went to Mahachai fish market to see the process of quality checking of seafood standard.

First traction
(May 2022)

After contacting fishermen and finding the processing factories, we finally found the place that are willing to accept our goods. We then went to their factory and ask them regarding their quality checking method in order to match the quality of seafood from our fishermen. After everything was matched, the first order was made.


Expanding network
( July 2022)

We visited one of the local fishermen village calle Moo Baan Kangradai. The local fishermen had the same problem in the supply chain. We then realized that we could apply the business model and adapt it to this group as future target market of Fishyu. Local fishermen are also advocating sustainable fishing, they built an artificial coral reef every year to support the livelihood of the fish stock.

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