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Uplifting fishermen livelihood and the standard of Thai seafood industry.

 Fishyu is a B2B seafood trading platform that connects fishermen and processed factory directly together, aiming to shorten seafood supply chain to increase fishermen income and create Thailand’s seafood standard. Fishyu started by the findings of problems in marked up price between the stakeholders in the seafood supply chain.

Better price for everyone

Our Vision

We aim to solve the problem of high marked up prices caused by many stakeholders in the chain.

Our Mission

We will give fishermen an alternative place to sell their catchings directly to factory for a lower price.

Modern Architecture

What we offer

Through FISHYU, we aim to provide benefits to both parties, with a long term goal to uplift the standard of Thailand's seafood industry

Better price

With Fishyu, we guarantee that fishermen will sell their catch for a better price than they would typically receive through local distributors, by providing 20% of the margin price back to the fisherman.increased income for fishermen can improve the livelihood of them as well.

Easy procurement

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Easy procurement for factory
Customers can place an order with Fishyu in just a few easy steps. Since we are able to reduce the supply chain, customers can receive fresher fish stocks in less time.


Uplifting standard

Each product can be identified at each stage in the process of delivery, making sure that transparency is taken very seriously. We’re also advocating sustainable fishing eg. providing artificial coral reefs for fish stocks. This will ultimately reduce overfishing in Thailand

Our Values

we made sure that values are created for both side of our customers.


Fishermen can sell their catching for a higher price due to less stakeholders in between the supply chain. 



Factory can also buy the supply for a lower price since there are no marked up price by middleman and fish distributor.

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